DICE Updates Battlefield 1 Beta To Unlock All Weapons

With the Battlefield 1 beta ending tomorrow, DICE has updated the game to unlock all the beta weapons available for everyone, regardless of their progression. This way even players who only just started playing the Battlefield 1 beta will have a chance to experience more of what the game has to offer when it launches.

Ever since its launch on 31st August, the Battlefield 1 beta has been under a lot of debate. While fans have loved many new features and gameplay opportunities it offers, there have been numerous issues as well. To top that off, the beta ended up getting bugged for some as well which prevented them from progressing through different classes.

Class progression is extremely important in the game, while some of the equipment in the game can be bought using Warbonds, many important tools especially the AT-Rocket gun is locked behind class progress which can take some time to unlock.

Thankfully, with this new update, everyone will have a chance to try out all the tools and weapons currently in the game and they won’t feel so helpless against tanks, potentially boosting launch sales.

The update is available to download now on the PS4 and PC version of Battlefield 1 beta and weighs in around 112MB. The Xbox One version isn’t available yet but should be up for download soon.

DICE released another update for the beta a few days ago, removing the timer from both Conquest and Rush game modes as players felt it was ruining the core experience since the matches ended too early.

Whether the beta gets extended till the end of the weekend or not remains to be seen but currently it is scheduled to end on 8th September. DICE recently hinted at the possibility of another map being added to the beta so an extension is possible.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on 21st October for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Those with Early Enlisters Edition can start playing on 18th October. Some datamining from the beta revealed names of some of the maps expected to be in the game at launch.