Another Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass May Be Coming

When it first released, the original Rainbow Six Siege season pass helped its owners be able to get the game’s downloadable content at a reduced price than people that didn’t won the season pass. Now, a new season pass is probably going to be coming sometime soon, considering that the original season pass was only intended to last for a year.

The original season pass for Rainbow Six Siege gave its owners a variety of exclusive content, such as weapon skins, early access to new characters, in-game currency that you could use to buy additional content, experience boosts, and daily challenges.

The possibility of a new Rainbow Six Siege season pass, however, has come with a Ubisoft survey that was sent out to a number of different Rainbow Six Siege players, who were asked what they would want to see in a new season pass. The suggestions that the survey made included new exclusive content, new uniforms, and new skins.

The original season pass VIP membership that current season pass holders have expires in December. Rainbow Six Siege came out on December 1 of last year, so it’s a pretty good date to be mindful of if you’re a season pass holder and might want to buy a new one if it comes out.

Ubisoft’s community manager Craig Robinson did say that everything that Ubisoft talked about in the survey would also be helping the company to get a better idea of its player base and what they want, so it’s likely that what they put in the survey is indicative of what they’ll put into other Ubisoft games.

If there is a new Rainbow Six Siege season pass coming out soon, it’s likely that Ubisoft will announce it in the coming months to let their players start to purchase it before their VIP membership runs out in December.