Analyst Suggest Lack Of PlayStation 4 Neo Trade-In Program Could Alienate Core Gamers

Just few hours remain until PlayStation Meeting kicks off and we probably witness the PlayStation 4’s upgraded version PlayStation 4 Neo. While it will be revealed or not only time will tell, but analysts are worried about what could happen if there is no PlayStation 4 Neo trade-in program.

While PlayStation 4 Neo will not be the only thing that Sony will reveal during the event. But still there are a lot of questions regarding the upgraded console are lurking in fans head and one of them is the trade-in.

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While trade-in deals exist for various hardware and accessories related products, fans are are still in the dark whether or not there will be a PlayStation 4 Neo trade-in program. According to director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, Michael Goodman, if Sony did not introduce any trade-in program this can alienate its consumers.

There will be a lot of hardcore gamers, that early adopter market, that if you didn’t have some sort of hardware trade-in program, you’re going to alienate them. I would be very surprised if you don’t see some sort of trade-in program. One interesting part of that is since Microsoft will be second to market, they’re going to learn so much from the Sony launch and how to do it.

He further added that this is an Uncharted territory for both Sony and Microsoft and both of them will have to be careful about their mid-generation hardware upgrade.

Does Sony do a trade-in program or do they not? What kind of reaction is there? What happens to the marketplace when all of a sudden you flood it with low-cost PS4s? If you’re looking to get people who haven’t bought a PS4 and now pick-up one, what impact does that have? The intelligence that Microsoft is going to glean from this launch cannot be understated because both companies are heading into uncharted territory.

So what do you think? Should Sony have a PlayStation 4 Neo trade-in program? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Wewritethings