Xbox One is Getting a NES Emulator But What’s the Point?

Xbox One is getting a NES Emulator called NesBox. The app is currently passing through Windows certification, according to its creator’s official Twitter page.

Seeing a NES Emulator for Xbox One is without a doubt very exciting for the community. However, having an emulator and being able to play something on it are very different things. Nintendo or Microsoft may not have any issues with a NES Emulator on Xbox One.

But you need ROMs to play NES games on Xbox One and ROMs are under Copyright Protection. Microsoft will never allow it on its platform so there is pretty much no point in having such an emulator. Of course, the app is currently in certification so Microsoft may decline approval of the app itself.

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Previously, we did see a NES Emulator make it to Xbox One. World’s most advanced “N64 emulator for Windows 10” is now available on Xbox One. You need to download it to Windows 10 via the store and it should show on your Xbox One.

The developer never planned to release it for Xbox One but Microsoft’s agreement gives the company permission to publish Windows apps to Xbox without developer approval.

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform has been criticized by Epic’s Tim Sweeney. In fact, Tim believes that Microsoft may ruin Steamapps.

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