Nier Automata Will Not Be On Xbox One, Playstation and PC Exclusive

Nier Automata, the sequel to 2010’s action RPG Nier by Cavia, will apparently not be getting an Xbox One release, according to a statement by Yosuke Saito, the game’s director. According to Saito, the reason that there won’t be an Xbox One port of the game is because, for now, it’s beyond Platinum Games’s ability to do.

The original Nier was available on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and served as a well-loved, if very dark, story of a man that just wants to save his daughter. Along the way he faces horrifying creatures, unsettling revelations, and an ending that actually persuaded you to replay the game multiple times in order to get full context and get the “golden” ending.

Nier Automata, on the other hand, will only be available on Playstation 4 and the PC, for now. The original Nier never got a PC release, but Automata seems to be trading one console for another.

Nier Automata already had to be delayed until next year because it wouldn’t be finished in time for its original release date of November of this year. While Nier Automata will already have Platinum’s trademark amazing combat and good music, Xbox fans of Nier may either have to get new PCs or buy Playstation 4s to run it, if it’s really not going to be on the Xbox One.

Either way, Nier Automata will likely be showing us how the world has changed during the initial Nier, which saw humanity made extinct (in its own way) after the events of the first Drakengard game.

This game itself will take place at least several hundred years after the first Nier, when the game’s two protagonists, a pair of combat androids, will be fighting in a war between robots and otherworldly monsters. The game comes out sometime next year.