New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Introduces New Pokemon, Photo Mode And More

Pokemon Sun And Moon is over two weeks away from its worldwide launch, and Pokemon fans are excited to see what this game has to offer. Nintendo has released a new Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer that showcases new Pokemon, photo mode and details the time difference between Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer introduces  new Pokemon, among them are Alola Raticate, Type: Null  and Jangmo-o.

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Alola Raticate is a a Dark/Normal type with Gluttony and Hustle abilities, Type : Null is a normal type Pokemon with Battle armor ability and Jangmo-o is pure dragon type Pokemon with soundproof and bulletproof abilities.

The trailer also details that difference among both versions of the game. As Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon tales pace 12 hours apart, this also introduces changes to the Totem Pokemon. In Pokemon Sun the Totem Pokemon will be Gumshoos  and for Pokemon Moon the Totem Pokemon will be Alola Raticate.

The Pokemon Sun And Moon trailer also introduces ghost Pokemon, and they also will be version specific. For Pokemon Sun the ghost Pokemon will be Drifloon and for Pokemon Moon, Misdreavus will be the ghost Pokemon.

The trailer also gives a sneak peak of the side quests for Pokemon Sun And Moon. Among many side quests there will be a side quests to rebuild Zygarde in a Zygarde cube and collecting cells and cores throughout Alola.

Also the Poke Finder will also play an important role in the game, by using Poke Finder players will be to to take pictures of Pokémon and upload them on the internet and players will get ratings on their pictures.

Another Team Skull member has also been revealed, the new member is the group’s enforcer Gladion. Also Aether Foundation, which is a group of Pokémon preservationists who live on the island of Alola, has been revealed.

The Trailer also gives a sneak peak of an Ultra beast named “UB-01” which resembles an Alien, but no details were given.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to release on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.