New Kongo Civilization Introduced In New Video on Civ YouTube

A new Civilization 6 trailer has introduced the new Kongo civilization, the newest civ to be revealed to players. Led by Mvemba a Nzinga, the Kongo civilization is based on the Kingdom of Kongo, a long-lived African nation that lasted from 1400 to 1914, until the monarchy was abolished by its overlord, Portugal, following a failed revolt.

Mvemba a Nzinga was the son of the previous Kongo king, but was not guaranteed the throne thanks to the kingdom being an elective monarchy. Nzinga was able to return to the kingdom’s capital city in order to gather followers to ensure his election, and won the kingship from his half-brother after converting to Christianity.

The new Kongo civilization has a variety of abilities that make it good for a culture victory, allowing you to get food, gold, and production from relics, artifacts, and great sculptures that they have, an ability called Mkisi. Kongo also gets extra points for Great Artists and Great Merchants each turn, allowing you to get them out faster than other civilizations.

The new Kongo civilization unit is called the Ngao Mbeba, shield infantry that not only get increased defense against ranged attacks, but also aren’t slowed down by rainforests and forests, and also don’t have their lines of sight obstructed. They also don’t need Iron to be built.

The Kongo also get a unique district, called the Mbeza district. It replaces the neighborhood, and is capable of being built early in the game to give you bonus food, gold, and housing.

While Nzinga can’t make a religion of his own on account of being a convert to Catholicism, he does get founder beliefs of any religion that manages to take a majority of his cities. He also gets an Apostle unit to help spread that religion every time he finishes an Mbeza or Theater district in one of those converted cities.

The new Kongo civilization will be coming out with Civilization 6 on October 21, so there’s not much longer to wait for all of you Civilization fans out there.