Minecraft Boss Update To Drop This Fall, Brings Boss Battles , New Features And More

Minecraft received the Friendly update back in June, and since then it has been somewhat quite from Microsoft’s end about the game. Now Microsoft has announced Minecraft boss update will drop in near future and will bring “Boss Battles” to the game and more.

The Minecraft boss update will be available for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, Pocket Edition and the Gear VR Edition, and Microsoft has also given us a sneak peak of the new content that will be added through the update.

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According to Microsoft, the Minecraft Boss update will make Ocean Monuments discoverable, and players will be able to discover these new rare locations with friends beneath the sea.

As for the bosses, the update will introduce the Elder Guardian boss along with its squad of Guardian sea creatures that carry laser beams attached to their heads. Players will have to face them in order to “conquer underwater enclaves and loot their treasures”.

The update will also introduce the Wither boss battle for Minecraft on mobile and Windows 10. The Wither boss “is a powerful, floating, three-headed mob who is clearly up to no good. You can summon and defeat this mob in order to claim the ultra-rare nether star item that it drops”.

Nether stars can be used to craft beacons, which are unique blocks that project a “beam of light into the sky and can provide helpful status effects to players in the area”.

For creative players the Minecraft Boss update will introduce the ability to use new blocks for their creations with new gameplay features. Players will be able “to light up their creations with beacons and sea lanterns, build with prismarine blocks and decorate with sponges”.

As for those players who like to tinker around with the game, the update will introduce the first set of slash commands. These commands will allow players to make changes to the game without using the menu.

The Minecraft boss update will be available for free for all owners of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, Pocket Edition and Gear VR Edition, and will be available this fall. However, those of you interested in helping Microsoft to test the update can join the public beta on Android.