[UPDATE] Activision Denied Support To The Charity Stream “TheRace”, Here Is Why!

[UPDATE] We got in touch with Activison Blizzard, and the publisher is actively supporting TheRace. According to them TheRace will happen this year and the money raised will be still go to the Call of Duty Endowment, and ultimately the veterans supported by the Endowment and its grantees. Activision Blizzard has also provided and statement:

This year’s Race to Prestige will be hosted by OpTic Gaming. We thank everyone for their continued support of the Call of Duty Endowment’s efforts to help veterans find great jobs, and we look forward to launch.

[ORIGIGNAL STORY] Every year some of the biggest Call Of Duty streamers come together to organize a charity event called, TheRace. The main purpose for this charity stream is to raise money that benefits the veterans.

TheRace has been quite successful in the past and raised a considerable amount of money for the veterans and obviously Activision has supported them. Last year the streamers raised $450,000 for Call Of Duty Endowment, which is itself an non-profit organization that helps army vetrans to find better jobs after they leave their service.

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However, it seems that TheRace will not happen at all this year , as according to the organization Activision has pulled its support for the charity stream. According to the streamer iijeriichoii, Activision has pulled its support because the streamers wanted to play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare for the TheRace and the publisher did not agreed to it. Activision wanted the streamers to only play Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.

In a series of Tweets, iijeriichoii criticized Activision and talked about the future of TheRace.



He further posted that the organization is in talks with other companies for their charity stream, and Activision will not stop them from raising the money for veterans.

However, Activision is yet to issue an statement regarding TheRace, but it seems that the company is only interested in promoting its upcoming game rather than the charity.

So what do you think of Activision pulling its support for TheRace? Let us know in the comments.