WWE 2K17 Roster To Feature Alternate Versions Of Wrestlers

The WWE 2K developer’s official Twitter page revealed recently that the game will feature alternate versions of wrestlers in the WWE 2K17 roster. The developers have been revealing information about the wrestlers in the game in bits and pieces and while the full launch roster had been released, it lacked any duplicates.

Well those worried about the absence of duplicates or alternate versions of their favorite wrestlers from the WWE 2K17 roster can rest easy now as the developers have confirmed that the roster doesn’t just end with the ones already mentioned.

Alt versions of wrestlers isn’t something new and has been done in previous games as well, featuring wrestlers from their different days in WWE such as Triple H from Attitude Era or John Cena from when he initially started WWE.

The full WWE 2K17 roster at launch includes 137 wrestlers, including the debut of Scot Dawson, Dash Wilder, AJ Styles and Alexa Bliss. This makes just the launch roster to be the biggest in WWE game franchise history and many more are expected to be added in the future as DLC.

Some of those wrestlers are however locked behind some sort of barrier and won’t be available to everyone once the game is released. Two different versions of Goldberg are available as a pre order bonus while Nia Jax, Apollo Crews and Shinsuke Nakamura are available to those who buy the NXT Edition of WWE 2K17.

2K Games also confirmed recently that the game will not feature the famous 2K Showcase game mode due to some unforeseen issues regarding some of the wrestlers that were intended to be in the game mode.

WWE 2K17 is scheduled to release on 11th October on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. While a PC version of the game hasn’t officially been announced, it will probably be released sometime next year like the previous games that eventually made it to PC.