Amy Hennig Talks Mysterious Star Wars Game, Says It Will Be An Original Star Wars Story

During PAX West Amy Hennig shed some light on the mysterious upcoming Star Wars game, like how Visceral Games in approaching to develop the game, and how the Star Wars game is similar to Uncharted 4 but also different.

During the PAX West, Henning started off by saying that she have to very careful about what she says as the mysterious Star Wars game has not been detailed yet. She said that the goal for the Visceral Games is to create an authentic Star Wars game and then go further from there, and the developers will tell an original Star Wars story.

Authentic Star Wars can mean that we get the AT-ST right, right? And of course we have to do that too, but it’s all about the new stuff, the new characters, the new story, the new locations, the new creatures, the new tech. All of this stuff that has to sit authentically alongside the Star Wars that we’re so familiar with.

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She further discussed the challenge of making a game like Star Wars in which the protagonists feel like underdogs and has to overcome the odds, and the they have to turn it into gameplay.

They have to work together and they have to be cleverer than their enemies. Therefore, how do you turn that into gameplay. How do you take that idea and then deconstruct it as mechanics, sequences, that then play to that core principle. That’s the challenge of making these kinds of things.

She further added that the devs are also facing challenges from a design perspective, that she calls “privileged observer problem”.

When we watch a film, we’re the privileged observer, right? We’re not the protagonist. Their struggle is illuminated by the things we can see that they don’t. Suspense and all that kind of stuff. How do you do that in a game where you’re supposed to identify with the protagonist and cut away the things that they don’t know?

This mysterious Star Wars game is not the only game in development based on Star Wars, as DICE is also working on Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Source: Gamespot