Sony Exec Says PlayStation VR Is “Future Proof”, And Everyone Will Be Using VR By 2020

Sony has almost dominated the console market with its PlayStation 4, which has sold 40 million units till May. According to Sony’s head of game development the future is the virtual reality, which is noty surprising given its success and Sony also launching its PlayStation VR.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s head of game development, expressed his views that by 2020 everyone will be using virtual reality headsets one way or another. He also revealed that Sony sees PlayStation VR not only as a gaming platform, but the company thinks that it can be used in many ways other than gaming.

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According to Yoshida, he envision PlayStation VR to be used on stage for music acts like U2, for helping students in their education by letting them attend virtual classes, or it could be used to give spectators a athletes perspective in Olympics 2020.

He explained that his vision of PlayStation VR is based on his belief that “by 2020, everyone will already be using VR in some way or another”.

He further added that the virtual reality headset is “Future Proof”, meaning that Sony’s virtual reality headset will have enough capabilities that developers will be able to make further advancements even if newer VR headsets are launched in the market.

To show his confidence in PlayStation VR he said that SOny will not release a better version of their VR headset next year, as Samsung is releasing a new Gear VR a year after its first-generation model.

While this prediction of Yoshida seems to based on the mass adoption of PlayStation VR worldwide, but current trends and surveys support his vision. According to The International Data Cooperation, VR headset shipments will increase from 9.6 million this year to 64.8 million in 2020.

Do you agree with Shuhei Yoshida? Do you think PlayStation VR can be used other than as gaming platform? Let us know in the comments.