Nintendo Revealed Pokemon Sun And Moon 2DS Bundles, Will Arrive On 23/11

Pokemon Sun and Moon is just a over a couple of months away from its launch, and Nintendo is revealing as much details about the game as possible to keep the hype train going. This time Nintendo has revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon 2DS bundles.

Nintendo Italy revealed through their official Twitter account, that Nintendo will be releasing Pokemon Sun and Moon 2DS bundles. According to the announcement the bundles will be available on November 23 in Europe, and the game will come pre-installed with the bundles, whether it will be Pokemon Sun or Moon will depend on the bundle.

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In related news, recently Pokemon Sun and Moon Trial Version was listed on the Korean Ratings Board. However, Nintendo is yet to announce officially that Pokemon Sun and Moon trial version will be available or not.

Also Nintendo has also released a new Pokemon Sun and Moon video footage showcasing the optional quest in order to make some money. The video footage basically shows the player tossing Pyukumukus into the ocean in order to earn Pokedollars.

Pyukumukus are considered unappealing creatures to tourists because of their appearance and lifestyle. Due to this fact, players can opt to chuck them into the ocean in order to earn some easy money.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is set in Aloha region, which is based on Hawaii. According to producer Junichi Masuda revealed that islands have sort of a connection with Pokemon as the World Championships for both the games card tournaments have been held there several times.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to release on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.