A New Deus Ex Game Supposedly Already In The Works

We may be seeing a Deus Ex sequel sooner than we think. An anonymous insider that’s supposedly a part of Eidos Montreal, the developers of Deus Ex, is the one that started the rumor, and according to him the production of this sequel started back in 2015, even before Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was out.

Mankind Divided only came out last week, and already it seems like Eidos Montreal is invested enough in its success that they believe that it’s time for the game to develop another sequel. While the Jensen series (Human Revolution and now Mankind Divided) ties into the original Deus Ex series that started the franchise, it’s still around thirty years away from the original Deus Ex’s time date, where the Majestic 12 and Illuminati dominate the world completely.

However, whether there is a Deus Ex sequel in the works still has to be confirmed, as the “anonymous source” could just be a troll that’s causing hype on the internet for no reason for now. While we may indeed get another sequel to Mankind Divided, it’s likely that it hasn’t started development as far back as 2015, unless Eidos Montreal and Square Enix were very confident that Mankind Divided would be a success despite Human Revolution being immensely successful already.

However, there’s likely only so much that the Jensen series can continue to do with its current plotline (that of augmented people being discriminated against in order to prevent the technology from getting out of the Illuminati’s control), and considering that the original Deus Ex’s world is rapidly coming closer the plot, if there are any more games involving Jensen, will have to undergo a shift at some point.

Either way if there is a Deus Ex sequel we can likely expect it in the next few years, maybe a five-year gap like Human Revolution and Mankind Divided or possibly longer.