Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Mode Shown Off at Call of Duty XP Event

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies mode, “Zombies in Spaceland”, has been revealed to the public at the Call of Duty XP event. A member of the Playstation blog team went to the event and got to play some of the zombie mode, and posted a lot of the juicy details.

To start off with, it’s a different sort of look from the normally gray, grim look of the original Treyarch zombie modes, which aside from the Origins map (which took place in World War I and involved giant robots) were realistic and dark. Zombies in Spaceland takes place in an amusement park, with the players a group of washed-up comics that came for an audition.

When it comes to powerups and weapons, you’ll find all of the guns you love and all of the powerups, and you’ll also be able to get more powerful weapons faster, and your starting pistol will pack more of a punch. Zombies will now also drop ammo, grenades, cash, and more.

When it comes to points, the cash you get from killing zombies, repairing windows and other barriers, can now be stashed in ATMs, and tickets are also something you can use to buy more powerful weapons, such as laser trip mines, cryo mines, and more. You can also get more tickets by doing quests and challenges for a robot known as N31L.

Also in the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare zombies mode, doing various challenges and getting collectibles will allow you various one-use items, such as a piece of candy that causes a massive wall of fire to incinerate zombies that pass through it. Doing other things such as returning power to Spaceland allows you to use traps based on the park’s rides to kill yet more zombies, at the cost of some of your money.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare won’t be coming out until November, so you still have a while to wait before you can play the Infinite Warfare zombies mode for yourself.