Art of League of Legends Book Available in Digital or Hardcover

A new Art of League of Legends book has become available today, allowing Riot games to show off the various artwork that goes into making the splash screens and loading screens of the game, along with the art of characters, concept art, and more. The book is available either in digital form or in hardcover.

In the Art of League of Legends book, Riot Games shows us the creative process that goes into making each hero, including their artwork, their concept art, and more. Each of the heroes included in the book includes sketches, concept art, and alternate skin artwork for each of the 15 heroes shown off in the book: Annie, Ahri, Heimerdinger, Vi, Gangplank, Gnar, Tryndamere, Ekko, Rengar, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Singed, Sion, Braum, and Sona.

The book doesn’t stop there, either; also included in the Art of League of Legends book are a number of pages about the Summoner’s Rift itself, that battle arena where League’s players spend so much of their time fighting one another to the death. Here we learn about the design process behind the Rift’s environments, the various animal motifs that are used to decorate the blue (stag) and red (owl) bases, and the shopkeeps of both sides that give players the items that they buy with the gold they win in the field.

They also give insight into the design process for two other MOBA constants: the minions and monsters. For instance, the minions of League were once intended to look like living piles of scrolls, crash-test dummies, and smokey wraiths before a more classic design was settled on. The monsters section includes Baron Nashor, dragons, red and blue buff golems, gromps, and more.

If you want to take a look at the Art of League of Legends book, you can look on the official League of Legends website to look at it for yourself. If you want to buy it, though, you should hurry: it’s only available for a limited time.