All Universal Windows Platform Apps Available on Xbox One

Microsoft has released a handful of UWP ( Universal Windows Platform) apps on Xbox One. To be specific, there are 40 new apps that are now available to download on the console.

A reddit user has compiled the list of apps from UWP.

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  • ACG Player – Video player with support for subtitles
  • AFAN BuildFeed – Want to know the latest Windows compiled version? BuildFeed client is here!
  • Awful – Forums Reader Browse the Something Awful forums through a modern UI interface! Unofficially!
  • Baconit – Reddit client
  • Camera – Take photos with kinect
  • Carnage – Report for Halo Halo companion
  • Cast – Podcast client
  • Catholic Daily – Reading App for catholics
  • Coinmarketcap – Coinmarketcap is an unofficial client to view
  • Dailymotion – Dailymotion client
  • DailyPic – Pictures from Bing
  • Fly Reader –  Book Reader
  • Home Remote –  Home Automation
  • icflix – brings the excitement of Hollywood, Bollywood and Jazwood (Arabic content) to your smart devices
  • Game Feed – Game Feed brings you the latest gaming news, reviews and videos from around the internet
  • Gamers Station – Gamers Station is a fun free app that brings all your gaming needs to one place
  • Groove Music – Music player
  • Inkognito Browser – Simple web browser
  • LaunchPal – LaunchPal is a perfect companion for keeping you up to date with the ins and outs of the launch industry
  • Maps – maps navigation
  • MSN Weather – Weather app
  • My 500px – Universal 500px client
  • -MyNotes- Notes
  • MyShoppingZon –  Amazon client
  • NASA TV Live –  Watch Nasa tv
  • One Rep Max – Fitness app
  • Online TV for Windows 10 by Canada Web Developer – with this app you will be able to watch our Digital Definition Internet TV Channel
  • Pandora – internet radio
  • Phonos Universal Preview – This is a PREVIEW of the new Universal version of the most popular independent
  • Sonos controller, Phonos
  • Photo Box – Pro Photo Box Pro is a great photo editor with a full set of photo enhancement tools, and a lot of photo filters, photo effects and photo adjustments
  • Photos – Your picture gallery
  • PrintApp for Canon Selphy Wifi Printer – Allow print jpg/jpeg files over Wifi to Canon Selphy Wifi Printer
  • qb Remote – qb Remote is an app for remotely controlling the qBittorrent client.
  • RadioRemote – With this app you can remote control your DAB/Internet radio
  • Readit – Reddit client
  • Share Across Devices – Share things across your W10 devices
  • Smartphone France – Fidèle à son image et à sa passion qui reste son principal moteur depuis près de 15 ans
  • SpotBright – Windows 10 Lockscreen pictures
  • Subtitler – An app for downloading subtitles
  • Talk For Me – Text to speech
  • TorrexBeta – Torrent client
  • TV Online Univ – Watch free TV channels around the world (USA coming soon)
  • WindowsBlogItalia – Official app for Windows Blog Italia
  • Zonos  – Control your Sonos devices

Microsoft pushing for Xbox and Windows as a unified platform and Universal Windows Platform is a major part of it.