Titan Comics To Publish Scalebound Comics And Lore Books In 2017

While the Microsoft is yet to announce the release date for Scalebound, Titan Comics has announced that it is partnering with Platinum Games and Microsoft to publish Scalebound Comics and Lore books.

Titan Comics will publish the Scalabound Comics and Lore books in 2017, and will feature stories that will not be included in the game and and will focus on main character Drew and his dragon.

We are thrilled to team up with one of the hottest developers in the video game industry to create Scalebound comics,” said sales and marketing manager Ricky Claydon. “These comics will expand the lore of the games to appeal to an even wider audience.

Titan Comics will publish “The Book of Sages”, which will be the lore book for Scalebound and will be released in 2017. The lore book is being presented as being directly pulled from the game, so the illustrations in the book will be annotated by in-game characters.

Recently, Scalebound’s director Hideki Kamiya discussed Platinum Games partnership with Microsoft and how the company has supported them throughout the development of Scalebound.

To put it in one word, Microsoft is big. They took a big bet on us to make a big game. But they have a ton of technology resources. They can do an enormous job supporting you and helping you make these big things

He further said that partnership with Microsoft has been interesting, with the amount of resources they can make available for a big vision is impressive.

He also revealed that dungeons in Scalebound will feature Platinum Games style combat. He also said if a player discovers dungeons in Scalebound and completes them, he can return to the dungeons with an upgraded character and again complete them with increased level of challenge.

Scalebound is an open world action RPG in development at Platinum Games for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot