Report: NBA 2K17 Is The First Game to Support HDR On Xbox One S

Update: 2K has confirmed HDR for NBA 2K17.

Original Story: NBA 2K17 is the going to be the very first game to support HDR on Xbox One S. Those of you who own an HDR compatible TV and an Xbox One S, you will be able to benefit from this new feature.

2K is yet to officially confirm this but a report from OperationSports owner Steve Noah claims that he had confirmation from 2K.

Below you can see his recent Tweet.

HDR stands for high dynamic range; it is a technique to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than it is possible with standard methods.

NBA 2K17 supports this feature means a higher level of visual quality. The feature was announced for Xbox One S at E3 2016. It is to be noted that you must have an HDR supported TV to use this feature. Moreover, the standard Xbox One does not support HDR.

The Xbox One S will slowly take over the market, pushing the old Xbox One to the side. However, Microsoft will not drop software support for Xbox One. Same will be the same for Xbox One S once Project Scorpio hits the market.

As for NBA 2K17, it will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One/S, and PC on September 20. NBA 2K17 is now available to preorder now across all platforms.

It will hit retail as well as digital stores – PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Store, Steam.