Pokemon Sun and Moon Trial Version Coming Soon

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trial Version is listed on the Korean Ratings Board. It looks like the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon will bring along a trial version as well that will entice gamers to buy the full game.

Nintendo is yet make it official but soon will.

We are hearing the company is hosting an event later this month to announce Nintendo NX. We may hear about Pokemon Sun and Moon Trial version during the event as well.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for Nintendo 3DS in November. The game adds new Pokemon, a brand new region and characters. Many of the game’s Pokemon are already revealed and more new about the game will come in the coming weeks.

The region we’ll get to visit is Alola, a lush tropical setting where Pokemon roam free. The environment has changed some of the classic Pokemon so you will see differences.

On a related note, Nintendo NX is reportedly using cartridges, according to Wall Street Journal. The publisher claims that Nintendo will announce NX ahead of Tokyo Game Show this month.

The hardware specs of the machine are also a mystery but inside sources told SegmentNext that the company is using a modified version of Nvidia parker chip. The chip is able to push 1.5 TFLOPs of performance which is slightly more than Sony’s PlayStation 4.

We will have more for you on NX in the coming weeks.

Are you looking forward to Nintendo NX?