You Can Play Overwatch Free on Playstation 4 & Xbox One Next Weekend

Next weekend, from September 9 to September 12, players on Xbox One and Playstation 4 that haven’t yet had a chance to play Blizzard’s highly popular team-based first person shooter Overwatch will now have a chance to play Overwatch free, with no Playstation Plus subscription required (no idea about whether you need Xbox Live or not).

Overwatch came out back in May and was an immediate success, and that success has only grown as Blizzard has announced their intention to introduce new characters, maps, and more on regular intervals. The game also includes a competitive game mode for players that want to get into an esports side of the game.

Despite the huge amounts of money that Blizzard has made off of Overwatch, the opportunity they’re giving other gamers to play Overwatch free will likely get more players into the game, especially those that either haven’t been able to get Overwatch or have been waiting for an opportunity to try and afford it, or even if they weren’t impressed by the game’s enormously successful beta.

In addition to being able to play Overwatch free, players that are able to get loot boxes and go up a few levels on characters during that time will keep their progress if they decide to buy the game after the free weekend, and it’s likely that with this free weekend there will be a discount on the console versions of Overwatch, should anyone that plays the free weekend be willing to buy.

This is actually a fairly good time to try and get people into Overwatch. With a new map (Eichenwalde) having only come out a few days ago, and with new character Sombra likely coming in the next few months, players will have a few good things to come in to should they buy a real copy of Overwatch at the end of the free weekend.