New Dishonored 2 Playstation 4 Themes Released to Promote Game

A trio of new Dishonored 2 Playstation 4 themes have been released by Bethesda, the publisher of Dishonored, in order to promote the game’s incoming sequel. The three themes all introduce the game’s two protagonists: Corvo Attano, and Emily Kaldwin, his daughter and the game’s other protagonist. The other theme gives us a view of Serkonos, the game’s central location.

Dishonored 2 debuted at E3 2015 last year with a fairly cool trailer, and got a bit more exposition at this year’s E3 as we learned about the new powers, new locations, and more that the game would be giving us as we left the streets of Dunwall and instead moved south, to warmer climes.

The three new Dishonored 2 Playstation 4 themes embody this fairly well. First off, we have one with a grown Emily Kaldwell as the centerpiece, with her sat on her throne in her assassin’s outfit with a number of (undoubtedly traitorous) dead guards around her, along with a masked Corvo standing behind her. Considering she’s just had her kingdom stolen out from under her, it doesn’t look like either one is in the mood for mercy.

Next, we have a side-by-side shot of Corvo’s mask and Emily’s own bandanna, showing us the contrast between them; where Corvo was a faceless and mysterious assassin, Emily seems to want to still be recognized, which considering she’s the Empress of the islands that the games take place on is fully understandable.

The final one of the new Dishonored 2 Playstation 4 themes gives us a good view of Karnaca, the capital city of the island of Serkonos and the game’s setting. Once again we’re treated to a vista of the windmills that power the city, the picturesque shot of the bay that the city sits on, and the massive cliff that hangs above it (which seems way too important to not be the location of some important event, though that may just be me).