Lindsay Lohan Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit Finally Thrown Out of Court

If you’re a Grand Theft Auto fan and keep an eye on news related to the game, you’ll likely have learned a while ago that former star Lindsay Lohan has been attempting to sue Rockstar games for supposedly using her life story in a game. Thankfully, the Lindsay Lohan Grand Theft Auto lawsuit has finally been laughed out of court like it should have been.

Since Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to success (in its first two weeks of sales it brought in over a billion dollars in revenue), that means it’s also no stranger to garbage lawsuit attempts either, mainly, in this case, from washed-up celebrities trying to claim that Grand Theft Auto 5’s backstory of crime and the vapid, thinly-veiled Los Angeles pastiche of Los Santos somehow mock them or take things from their own stories.

The first time this happened was with a former interviewee on a show called Mob Wives, where a person on the show, Karen Gravano, sued Rockstar Games out of a belief that Antonia Bottino, a minor character in the game, was based on her for being related to a mob boss.

The Lindsay Lohan Grand Theft Auto lawsuit was over the game also supposedly using her likeness, in the form of the anonymous, blond girl in the bikini that’s used as a piece of stock art in the game. Lohan also alleged that a “Strangers and Freaks” mission in the game was based on her, where the character Franklin has to help an annoying paparazzi sneak into a star’s estate and catch her having sex with her tennis coach, which then results in a car chase after they’re caught.

Unsurprisingly, both of these cases were thrown out of court today, so Gravano and Lohan will have to look for other ways to make easy money now that they’re irrelevant to the entertainment industry.