Vinyl Version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Soundtrack Revealed

A rather interesting version of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare soundtrack has been revealed. If you’re one of those kinds of people that still has a record player and prefers to hear your music on vinyl rather than CDs, you’ll be able to grab a vinyl copy of the game’s soundtrack (called “Call of Duty Cosmic Tunes”) to listen to.

The news comes from the company iam8bit, who announced that they would be partnering with Activision to bring vinyl LPs of the game to Call of Duty fans. The soundtrack will be spread out across two different releases, with the first being the music for the game’s campaign and the second being music for the game’s zombie mode.

The two soundtracks will also be entirely different in tone, ranging from the ethereal, dark, haunting tones of war in space, to the 80s pop and rock of the zombie mode.

The Infinite Warfare soundtrack being on vinyl is hardly something that’s been announced before. Undertale, the critical darling PC game that won every gamer’s heart last year, will be getting its own vinyl soundtrack (as revealed in an announcement several days ago), and Sega, in partnership with the UK-based label Data Discs, will be making a vinyl record for the soundtracks of both of the Golden Sun games.

Considering that many soundtracks are either released online these days or released via compact disks, putting things in vinyl records is obviously just a thing for really hardcore collectors of those kinds of things.

These Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare soundtrack records won’t be cheap, however. Only 3,000 of them will be made, so you’d best snatch a pair up quick with a pre-order unless you want to miss out, especially since the records come out tomorrow, on Friday, September 2.

So, if you’ve got around 60 dollars to spend and enjoy the sound of vinyl records and anachronism, feel free to head on over to the iam8bit website and pre-order the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare soundtrack on vinyl tomorrow.