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Physical Hitman Release Coming Soon from IO Interactive

IO Interactive, the developers of the highly popular Hitman series, have announced that a physical Hitman release will be coming soon, allowing Hitman players put off by the episodic nature of the game’s digital version to get the complete first season in one convenient package, along with all of the other content coming afterwards.

According to the official Hitman website (warning, you’ll need to verify your age), the Hitman: Steelbook Edition will be released on January 31 of next year. It will involve every single episode of Season One of Hitman, ranging from the Prologue, to France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, the United States, and Japan.

In addition to all of those locations and the missions they involve, the physical Hitman release will also include the various bonus missions created by both the developers and the community, along with all of the Elusive Target missions that will be releasing after January 31.

In addition to those, you also get three bonus missions, a documentary about the making of the game, and a bonus DLC pack called Blood Money, which gives you new clothes, a new gun, and a white rubber duck explosive (yes, you read that right.)

All of this makes the physical Hitman release a great gift for any fan of the series that’s been put off by the way the game has been released, and so this will allow you to get them all of the older episodes while at the same time preparing them to download the other parts of the game as well.

If we can expect more of the kind of high-quality environments and different, challenging missions that the current episodes deal with in the last two of this season and the next season, who knows what else Hitman is going to be capable of in the next year?