The Official Respawn Twitter Profile Has Gone Dark

Something strange is going on over at Twitter, the official Respawn Entertainment page has gone dark. The Twitter account has been offline and the page is missing.

Respawn Entertainment works with EA who was the victim of a DDoS attack earlier. It is possible that hackers may have taken the page down. It is pure speculation but one that seems likely considering earlier events.

EA servers were attacked a day after Battlefield 1 open beta went live. Millions of gamers were locked out of the game and EA for hours. The company managed to bring its servers back offline though.

However, there is still no word regarding the situation with Respawn Twitter account. Visiting the company’s Twitter profile shows the following message.

Respawn Twitter

Respawn Twitter has been offline for a while now which is really odd. If it was hacked and taken down, it shouldn’t have took so long for Twitter to bring it back up.

Titanfall 2 creator has other social media channles that are live and well. Meanwhile, the official website is live as well which means it is an isolated issue.

We will let you know as soon as something new comes up. In the meantime, do let us know what you think is going on by sharing your views in the comments below.