Livelock is the Perfect Blend of Robotic Mayhem and Tactical Play

Perfect World is a world renowned publisher with a diverse catalog of free-to-play games. For the first time, Perfect World is working on a pay-to-play game called “Livelock.”

Released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Livelock is more than your average apocalyptic top-down shooter.

Livelock is set in the distant future when mankind’s survival relies on machines. Following a catastrophic gamma ray burst that wipes humanity out, Rogue Clusters (mechanized army) has taken over the world. An intense war between the machines will decide the future of humanity.

Humanity’s only hope is a highly sophisticated AI, SATCOM.

Livelock (1)

The main story was co-created by Robocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson, so you can expect the same level of detail and depth.

The game’s story and combat is designed in way that each mission/act never feels purposeless. All the mayhem and chaos during combat is backed by a story that actually manages to intrigue.

But of course, top down co-op shooters are less about their story and more about having fun with your friends; and that is where Livelock excels.

Players can select from three distinct robotic characters (Hex, Vanguard, Catalyst) and each comes with its own abilities, skills, and weapon type. The most intriguing part is their personalities that are fun and makes you connect with your robot on a deeper level.


The good news is that if you are playing with friends, everyone is allowed to choose the same robot if they wish as there are no restrictions.

One of the characters you will instantly fall in love with is Hex, the Marksman. He is basically a living meme that runs around shooting everything while tainting its enemies with lines such as “are these guys on easy mode” and “you mad bro?”

Hex has three distinct abilities; he can dash, cloak, and temporarily go into “overdrive,” which allows him to deal extra damage. A meaningful upgrade system is in place which allows you to upgrade Hex and other characters between missions with materials dropped by the enemy.

Players can upgrade damage, ammo recharge rate, rate of fire among other things.

Furthermore, Livelock is not a one man show or I should I say a one robot show, but it can be if you wish. However, it is best when played in coop with your friends.

You will encounter many League of Legends like moments where you are heavily reliant on your teammate’s skill and abilities to survive a certain situation; each robot has a role to play.

Livelock (2)

Enemy AI is smart so strategic teamplay and complementing each other’s strengths and weekness is required to get across the finish line.

Livelock will take you throughout the world to encounter different sets of enemies. Each enemy type comes with its own unique set of challenges that’ll test your reflexes and reaction time.