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FIFA 17 Achievement List Revealed, 45 Different Challenges, No Story Achievements?

The FIFA 17 achievement list has been revealed by Trueachievements, a website that serves to allow gamers to find out the various achievements that are available in various games. All together, there are 45 different achievements available for FIFA 17 players to try their hand at, which could add hours of playtime to the game.

The various achievements on the FIFA 17 achievement list include everything from winning a penalty shootout without missing and simply changing your captain in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, to getting A rankings in all five training categories and buying a player from a rival FIFA team.

Interestingly, even though FIFA 17 has a story mode that has been extensively promoted by EA Sports, there’s nothing in the achievement list about any sort of story achievements. While this is most likely because you’ll be controlling Alex Hunter on the field as well as in the story’s cutscenes, not having any sort of achievements related to the mode’s plot of becoming a great player in the Barclay Premiere League is puzzling.

It does, however, give players a lot of challenges to go through if they want to get every single achievement on the FIFA 17 Achievement List. With many such challenges, like being able to score a penalty kick after stuttering the ball, or scoring two corner goals in a single match, players will likely be kept pretty busy for a while unless they’re really good at FIFA.

FIFA 17 will be coming out on September 27 for Xbox and Playstation Consoles, PC, iOS, and Android. In addition to its regular multiplayer game modes it will also contain the FIFA Ultimate Team mode where you can make a team out of the best players in soccer, the “Journey” story mode, and the regular career mode, where you can make your own football club and lead it to stardom.