Digging Through League of Legends Voice Files Someone Found a New Champion

Someone dug through League of Legends 6.18 patch voice files and found some very interesting information for the community. According to the data in question, there is suggestive evidence of a new jungle based champion in development for League of Legends.

There are files contain 13 lines of voiceover that indicate that a new champion will be added to the game soon. Below you can see what we found but keep in mind, this is not confirmation that a new champion will arrive. It may turn out to be nothing.

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  • “Poor Gromp. He was a prince amongst toads.”
  • “You will be missed old friend, warts and all.”
  • “Goodbye Gromp, or as you would say, ribbit.”
  • “Hop to that lilypad in the sky, old friend.”
  • “Wait ’til you see Daisy’s dance moves!”
  • “Everyone wins in a dance off.”
  • “Next time, more petting and less stabbing.”
  • “A tragic end for such a noble friend.”
  • “Can I cut in? Yes? No. I’ll- I’ll come back later.”
  • “Why kill when you can simply ask?”
  • “What a shame, he could’ve been a mountain.”
  • “How can anyone kill someone as cuddly as Krugs?”
  • “Farewell Krugs, I shall miss our long talks.”

The new character is apparently a “friend of the jungle.” League of Legends can use a new champion, especially, if it is a “friend of the jungle.”

Source: Surrender

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