Battlefield 1 Open Beta Exploit Allows You to Equip Items Without Ranking

Battlefield 1 Open beta started a couple of days ago and it is safe to say this game is going to be one of the best shooters of this generation. However, the beta version suffers from minor issues and even an exploit has now been found.

Of course, everything will be sorted out before the final release.

Battlefield 1 offers many unique weapons and items but most of them are locked until you reach a certain level in-game. It can become a grind but there is an exploit that lets you equip weapons and equipment without ranking up.

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You’re able to obtain all weapons without levelling up a single class, by going to and purchasing them there. After you equip them, they’re also equipped ingame.
Step 1: Go to and sign in
Step 2: Click on CAREER
Step 3: Select BF1
Step 4: Go to LOADOUT
Step 5: Buy whatever you want
Step 6: Go ingame
Step 7: Profit

Obviously this is a bug that has to be resolved in the final build of the game…

The exploit was posted on reddit by a Battlefield 1 player. At the time of this writing, this exploit works but it may not for too long so enjoy while it lasts.

Battlefield 1 open beta will end on September 8 for all platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC. The beta is back online for those who don’t know, after a massive DDoS attack at EA servers. The entire network was but EA managed to fix it after a few hours.

We hope EA would extent the beta at least a day to make up for lost time.

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