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Xbox One Is not The Lead Platform for Titanfall 2, All Platforms Are Equal

Xbox One is not the lead platform for EA’s upcoming shooter, Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 Art Director Joel Emslie, revealed that Xbox One is not at the helm of Titanfall 2 development.

He confirmed that all platforms are being treated equally to get the best out of each. As for the lead platform, there isn’t really one for Titanfall 2.

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Titanfall 2 beta was running at 60FPS across both consoles, however, resolution on Xbox One is 720p. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 is pushing 60FPS at 900p. But it is to be noted that the final resolution is yet to be decided for each platform.

Now it’s kind of weird, I think that everything is kind of built in tandem. You know, with the compressed timeline that we developed the game on, we’re always doing everything simultaneously, so there really isn’t a lead platform to develop on. We treat them all equal, with equal quality and equal approach.

Speaking about FPS and resolution, he stated:

Everything that we put in a game has to go through a vetting process to make sure that it’s right, and that includes resolutions. Making sure that we still get that 60 FPS, that low latency both in single-player and in multiplayer. We strive for that. That’s really a huge goal in our minds. We feel that Titanfall runs its best at 60 FPS

For Respawn, frame rate is king for Titanfall even if they have to sacrifice resolution. Same was the case with Titanfall 1 and we think such approach should become a norm for console shooters.

Titanfall 2 is coming to all platforms on October 28.

Source: Dualshockers

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