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Player Managed To Reach Level 110 In World of Warcraft Legion Within 6 Hours

World of Warcraft Legion launched yesterday and there are already people who have managed to hit the level 110 mark. Perhaps the World’s First Level 110 actually achieved his goal in less than 6 hours, all while streaming his progress on Twitch.

Twitch streamer Fragnance managed to reach level 110 on his demon hunter in five hours and 28 minutes. Even if he wasn’t the world’s first (although there are no reports that indicate otherwise) he definitely was the first to reach the level cap on his server, Twisting Nether.

Of course it wasn’t just a random coincidence that Fragnance managed to hit the mark so quickly, in fact a lot of planning went into it and the actual leveling process was done with another partner, Gingi. Both of them spend weeks preparing for the launch by playing the Legion beta beforehand, finding out all the small details of quests and mapping out the shortest routes and best farming areas.

Fragnance didn’t just stop with leveling up his Demon Hunter since he is now in the process of doing the same with his Shadow Priest and trying to hit the level 110 cap as soon as possible.

Not everyone is as lucky as Fragnance or Gingi though and have been unable to hit max level or even begin their journey properly. While Legion’s launch had been relatively smooth however it hasn’t been perfect, as is the case with pretty much every MMO launch.

Constant disconnections and lag spikes are killing the mood for a lot of people who are postponing the leveling process until servers become a bit more stable.

There is also a user by the name of Druarr who had been unable to start the Artifact quest because the druid quest giver, Hamuul Runetotem refuses to talk to the player. Why? Because prior to Legion, Druarr spent countless hours killing guards which ended up ruining his reputation with the Cenarion Circle.

Thankfully Blizzard has since made such quest givers Neutral so reputation shouldn’t stop player from progressing with the quests in World of Warcraft Legion.