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Destiny CD Makes Fun of No Man’s Sky UI, Talks About Differences in Worlds

The creative director of Destiny, a man by the name of Steve Cotton, has poked fun at the No Man’s Sky UI for being fairly similar to Destiny, both of which have a fairly clean, unobtrusive user interface that ties into their small-scale, futuristic gameplay. Cotton also talked about why he liked hand-crafted worlds over procedurally-generated ones.

No Man’s Sky released several weeks ago and then underwent a rapid turnaround that left very few people impressed with what they had gotten, after what Hello Games, its developer, had promised at various E3 conferences.

The backlash from the game’s lack of content actually caused Valve, Amazon, and other online retailers to accept refunds for the game for far longer than they normally would.

Cotton, in the meantime, actually laughed the question off when someone told him that the No Man’s Sky UI looked like it had been stolen from Destiny. Bungie’s original first-person shooter, which is now rapidly approaching its second year of play, also got criticism at the beginning of its run for a lack of any meaningful content and a fairly nothing story.

However, those criticisms have now mostly faded away as more expansions have been added to the game and the story has continued. Destiny also can be argued to have a leg-up over No Man’s Sky because its worlds are fairly busy; packs of enemies stalk the landscape, fight with one another, and there are constantly missions and things for players to do, as opposed to the wide variety of lifeless, barren planets with barely any difference in their landscapes that No Man’s Sky is prone to.

However much the No Man’s Sky UI looks like Destiny’s, maybe No Man’s Sky will experience a turnaround and begin to add in more content that will bring back jilted fans. However, that all depends on how long Hello Games is willing to let the game’s rather empty galaxy languish.