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Blizzard Might Allow Players To Change Overwatch Skins On Character Selection Screen

Ever felt the need to check out your entire team in same type of Overwatch skins, even as randoms, instead of having pre specified skins? Well that might soon be possible if a recent Overwatch forum post from game director Jeff Kaplan is any indication.

Answering a fan’s question about this feature, Jeff said that the team is looking into it and would very much like this to be in the game but hasn’t been able to do this yet because of other constraints.

According to the forum posts, the developers are interested in working on such features that would allow players to customize their characters on the character selection/ team assembly screen instead of just sticking with the customization they set up earlier from the main menu.

While Overwatch doesn’t have any loadout option like Battlefield or Call of Duty where players can customize their weapons and gear while in a match, this might be the closest we will ever get to such an option.

Of course the feature won’t only be limited to Overwatch skins and players will probably be able to customize emotes, sprays and voice lines as well but since skins are the most prominent and represent a character the most, most of the players will mostly be looking forward to that functionality.

There are however some limitations to the system as Jeff pointed out in his post

Our design for it allows for changing skins during “Assemble your heroes” but not after that phase.

The reason for not allowing this option mid match is because players would waste time trying out skins when time is one of the most crucial resource in every game mode in Overwatch. Another reason is to avoid confusion among both friendly and enemy players as constant skin switching can do that.

Overwatch’s Season 2 is scheduled to begin on 6th September so hopefully we see this feature being implemented soon after that.