Nintendo NX Prototype Has 32 Gig Memory, D-Pad, Share Button

A Nintendo NX prototype that was leaked by Nintendo insider Emily Rogers apparently has a 32 gigabyte memory, a split directional pad, and a share button, and this is only the beginning of what Nintendo is likely to create, especially since it’s only a prototype. The NX will be releasing sometime early next year.

Rogers posted everything she knew about the Nintendo NX prototype onto her Twitter page, updating it with more information as she heard about it, which included all of the things said here. According to her, the 32 gigabyte memory that the NX will have is similar to the Wii U. She also posted a rough picture of what the NX will look like, and it looks fairly similar to the Wii U gamepad.

However, the NX prototype also includes a few notable design changes, mainly a split gamepad and a share/social button, two things that a nintendo console has never had before. Normal directional pads on Nintendo products are solid and connected, instead of being split apart into four different buttons.

Whatever the sharing button might have on the Nintendo NX prototype might even be isn’t really something that we know much about. It might be used to grab screenshots or video clips and post them online, much like the Miiverse and other uploading services that Nintendo has used before.

However, gamers need to keep in mind that this is only a prototype for the Nintendo NX. The final product might have a solid D-pad or might not, and Nintendo might even put more things on the final product, or take things away.

Either way we’ll have to wait until the Nintendo NX is officially announced at some point in the future, and then some time after to wait until its release.

At the same time, Nintendo isn’t having any kind of trouble building up hype for it, esepcially since they announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be a launch title.