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GameFront Saved by ModDB, Almost 20 Years of Data

The former mod-sharing and storage website GameFront has been acquired by another mod website, ModDB, according to a blog entry by the latter that was posted yesterday. ModDB will be helping its new acquisition to get back on its feet in order to preserve the website’s twenty-year history.

GameFront was founded nearly two decades ago under the ownership of Defy Media, who also owned Gametrailers, which was also recently shut down in February. GameFront itself announced that it would be folding in April, after dancing the bankruptcy line for the better part of a decade and being pulled back on multiple occasions.

ModDB lamented how a lot of things on the internet had changed since 1999. With the advent of YouTube and other services, file storage sites have been supplanted by things like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, while game clients and demos are now handled by other online gaming clients like Steam, Origin, and Uplay.

Both ModDB and GameFront have both made their livings and reputations on allowing creative gamers to make custom content for a variety of PC games, allowing total conversion and more. While Steam Workshop’s own mod uploading has cut in somewhat, ModDB and other sites like it remain the preferred alternative for many gamers.

ModDB intends to help GameFront get back on its feet through a three step plan that involves re-designing the website to be more appealing, with a focus on usability and accessibility. However, ModDB has also said that it will be up to players to make sure that ModDB and other websites like it (such as GameFront) are able to keep running by continuing to create fan-made content that gave the websites their fame.

ModDB user INtense, who wrote the blog post, said that the new website for GameFront should be up within six months.