Free-To-Play EVE Online Model Announced by CCP Games

A new free-to-play EVE Online version will be coming to the famous space adventure MMO, after 13 years of running via a paid subscription model. The model on CCP’s MMORPG will be similar to the World of Warcraft, which allows new players to try out the game for free up until level 20, after which they must purchase a subscription.

While in World of Warcraft you could play to level 20, the free-to-play EVE Online version only allows you to train your various skills on the most common starter ships, so unless you buy a subscription you won’t be able to get any of the big, powerful ships that higher-level players often buy. Alongside this new update, which comes out in November, EVE’s previous trial account system (where you could play free for two weeks) is being removed.

Even after the failure of Dust 514, EVE Online has also been attempting to branch out to other platforms such as consoles and virtual reality helmets, with the announcement of such games as EVE: Valkyrie, Project Nova, Gunjack, and more. While EVE has continued to release various expansions (its newest, Clone States, will be the framing device for the free-to-play EVE Online model), it seems to be undergoing a fall in popularity that necessitated the shift.

The Clone States expansion basically puts the free-to-play moe in EVE terms. There are two types of clones that players can use: Omega Clones, and Alpha Clones. Alpha Clones will be the kinds of clones that new players will be given upon signing up for the free-to-play EVE Online model.

They will be limited in what they can do and what skills they can learn, and what ships they can pilot. However, by buying a subscription, your Alpha Clone turns into an Omega Clone, which has no limits.

Whatever CCP decides to do for this new era of EVE, hopefully it works out well for them.