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Hajime Tabata Explains Reasons Behind Final Fantasy 15 Delay

Final Fantasy 15, the latest entry into the Final Fantasy series, was originally supposed to come out on September 30. Instead, several weeks ago it was announced that the game would be delayed, and instead would be coming out on November 29. Hajime Tabata, the director of the game, sat down with Famitsu to talk about the specific reasons for the Final Fantasy 15 delay.

According to Tabata, the first reason behind the Final Fantasy 15 delay was to optimize the game. During testing, the team noted that there were various bugs and frame rate drops with the game, and characters would sometimes be floating in midair or appear to be all glitchy. The game was delayed both to address these issues and to work some on the game balance.

The issues had been apparent several days before the delay was announced, and the reason for the delay was so that the team could work on the game some more before release, instead of putting out a day-one patch to fix the game like so many other studios do these days in order to meet deadlines.

There’s been no small amount of anticipation over Final Fantasy 15, ever since it was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus 13 and got a pretty cool trailer to boot.

Now that it’s only months away from coming out, Square Enix is announcing record sales even on the game’s pre-orders. When the game was first announced, the collector’s editions all sold out in record time.

With two other demos having come out in the past year, including the Episode Duscae demo and the Platinum demo, Final Fantasy 15 being so close to release and being yanked away likely hurt the feelings of some fans that had wanted to play it for years.

However, considering how many other games with day one patches run, the Final Fantasy 15 delay is likely for the game’s best interests, especially if it means we get a game that’s relatively free of the bugs that normally plague those releases.