Everything Leaked About Nintendo NX So Far

Nintendo NX is a mystery but not if we believe all the leaked details. Nintendo is yet to share anything regarding this next generation of gaming hardware so all we have are unconfirmed reports from various sources.

The latest rumor has it that Nintendo NX is about to be revealed soon, on September 21. If that is true, this may be the right time to take a look back at all the leaked Nintendo NX information.

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  • Nvidia is providing hardware for Nintendo NX
  • The handheld screen is 6.2 inches
  • Handheld resolution is 720p
  • May feature Multi-touch touchscreen
  • Dev Kits feature 32GB while retail version may go 64GB
  • SD Card port
  • 2 USB ports for the dock station
  • Nintendo support Unity and Unreal Engine 4
  • Less powerful than PS4 and Xbox One
  • Dev kits are regions free and so will retail units be
  • Nvidia is providing a modified version of Nvidia Tegra X2 chip
  • NX is hybrid of console and handheld
  • PS Vita/PS4 like remote play functionality
  • Will use cartridges
  • PS4 like D-pad

Nintendo NX is releasing in March 2017 and should be revealed by the end of the year. The machine has enjoyed so much free publicity and we feel it is time Nintendo should finally lift the curtain.

Based on these rumors and leaks, the console seems like a very unique machine. We hope to see it soon.

Do you think Nintendo should go ahead and reveal the system already? Let us know what you think in the comments below.