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Massive Clash of Clans Ban Wave Seeks To Perma-ban Cheaters

Just like pretty much every game out there, mobile games aren’t free from cheaters and modders either which is why Supercell has initiated a new Clash of Clans ban wave targeting all cheaters, modders or those using bots of any kind.

This new Clash of Clans ban wave also appeared as a sudden surprise from developers Supercell as there was no prior warning or indication from them. To top that off, these new bans are actually permanent bans unlike previous ban waves.

Supercell’s crackdown on such toxic players originally just started as a warning, taking the carrot approach. Developers told players to avoid using such methods as they were not allowed.

After a while, those who still were adamant on using less than respectable means to play the game, were targeted in a ban wave however those bans were more of a timeout as they only prevented people from playing for 2 weeks. Of course the ban duration could be extended, even permanent, if that person had been banned earlier as well.

Those warning shots are gone now and without any announcements, Supercell will be outright banning anyone found guilty of cheating or modding.

These permament bans seem to be taking a similar approach to what Blizzard is doing with Overwatch. If a person’s account gets banned, they will be unable to play even on their alternate accounts.

Funnily, only a few days ago, a lot of online pages that provide these cheats and mods claimed that their mods were now fully safe and users won’t have to worry about another ban wave like last time since there was no way developer, Supercell, could detect them. Well turns out they did and it is possible those detection methods had been embedded in the game from a prior update.

Supercell forums are ablaze right now with players claiming they have been falsely banned and what not and demanding that their accounts be returned to them.