Watch Dogs 2, The Improvements We Were Hoping For?

For gamers everywhere, Watch Dogs 2 looks to me a massive improvement on an already amazing game. From the hopeful driving fixes to the new open-world concepts, the sky is the limit for new gamers and veterans alike.

As far as new developments go, the list is short but sweet. Aside from the driving improvements, the Ubisoft team has doubled the map size, spiffed up the scenery, given us a whole new range of gadgets and hackables, a multiplayer PVP system that looks like one of the most fun parts of the game, and more epic ways to complete missions than Dishonored. And last but not least, we have an entirely new main character to play as; Marcus Holloway.

Co-op with other players is encouraged, and at times even required, but it is apparently impossible to go through the entire game in co-op mode.

As for returning features, the leveling system and basic gameplay are the same, though combat emphasis is now based more on speed and weapon customization. Former gamemodes like Online Invasions and Team Deathmatch will be sticking around as well, for those who get bored with storyline and free exploration.

As far as freerunning it goes, there is much to do outside of missions. Exploring landmarks, touring the city by drone, or customizing your character’s apparel are just a few. Touring the incredibly varied map looks to be very promising, as Watch Dogs 2’s landscapes and neighborhoods put the ‘real’ in realistic. NPCs are more varied as well, adding spice to an already colorful world.

Add in the main questline’s characters, which are as funny, serious, smart and ridiculous as you could hope for, and you’ll leave the game feeling like you just took a trip to SanFran. If you don’t already live there, that is.

Freerunning is another big part of the game. New research and digitalization went into the parkour system, enabling Markus to smoothly run the rooftops and street-level obstacles like a pro. Likewise, weapons have been introduced that are unique to the game – such as Marcus’s main weapon, a billiard ball attached to a lanyard. Funny, until it hits you in the face.

All of this and more makes for some huge upgrades to a formerly so-so game. The hopes are high for this hacker’s dream come true. We’ll see if Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 is all it’s cooked up to be.