Tekken 7: “eSports and Fighting Games are a Good Match,” Harada

The heart and soul of Tekken series, Katsuhiro Harada, recently discussed Tekken 7 and its eSports elements. He explained that eSports wasn’t always named eSports but even than, fighting games had their own competitive events.

eSports has always been a major part of fighting games and Tekken 7 is no exception. According to Harada, “eSports and Fighting games are a good match.”

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Personally, I think that eSports and fighting games are a good match. If you look at other genres, for example shooters or MOBAs, they’re largely team-based, right?

A fighting game is one on one, and I think that really draws out the player’s personality and because of that it’s more fun to watch – it can end up being kind of like a boxing match or something, where you have these strong rivalries and a lot of salt when people win or lose. I think they lend themselves well to spectating and the world of eSports as a whole

Developers are working hard to make sure Tekken 7 is as eSports friendly as possible. This is a result of the recent eSports explosion, its viewer base is in millions now with events held across the globe throughout the year.

We are surely expect to see events for Tekken 7 once it comes out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is already available in Japanese arcades and for the first time a Tekken game is coming to PC.

Source: VG247