Minecraft Tumble, A New PvP Mode Available For Minecraft On Consoles

Minecraft Tumble, the game’s second official mini-game is now available to download on consoles. Similar to the previously released Battle mode, Minecraft Tumble is also a player versus player mode, with a twist.

Instead of directly targeting and attacking other players, the objective in Tumble is to remove the floor underneath them and make the tumble, literally. Tumble arenas are just one block thick so players don’t have to worry about removing multiple block layers before their opponent falls. Below that block platform is a giant pool of lava, so whoever falls is a goner for sure.

Players have to ensure that they are the last man standing in the arena and that every other player falls into the lava, either by their hand or through someone else’s. So it might be a good idea to run around a bit at the start and let other players kill do your job for you and reduce the competition.

There is no official trailer for Minecraft Tumble from Mojang yet but the mode went live a few hours ago and since then, console players have been streaming gameplay. The mode is available right now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One as a free update. There is no word regarding the update for PS Vita and WiiU version of the game.

Alongside the Tumble mode, a new paid-for Battle mode map pack is also available for players to enjoy and add some more variety to the original PvP game mode.

Mojang recently announced that their highly successful sandbox game has reached amazing new heights with total sales going beyond 106 million units and almost touching 107 million. The average number of monthly players are also above 40 million.

Since the start of this year, despite being a pretty old game, the number of sales have actually increased with around 53,000 copies of the game being sold every day.