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Kingdom Hearts 3 Listing Removed from Xbox Store Japan

Kingdom Hearts 3 is no longer available on Xbox Store Japan. The listing was removed earlier from the store without a stated reason. The page is no longer live which could mean many things.

The link may be broken and is being fixed as we speak and may return soon. However, some fans are worried that Kingdom Hearts 3 may not make it to Japan at all due to the limited number of units out their.

Xbox One sales have been very poor in the country but not releasing such a massive game seems highly unlikely.

The game is available on Xbox Store North America and other retailers.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 may have been removed from Xbox Store Japan but recently it was listed for Nintendo NX. EB Games Australia listed the game for Nintendo NX but unfortunately, the retailer denied ever doing so.

According to the retailer, it never listed such a version of the game. Meaning the image for Nintendo NX version of Kingdom Hearts 3 that we saw listed at EB was the result of photoshop. Of course, it is possible that EB Games is trying to cover up its mistake of leaking the title early.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to hit storefront next year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hopefully, it is not cancelled in Japan.

Rumors of a PC version are also flying around but Square Enix hasn’t mentioned anything.

For more on Kingdom Hearts 3, stay-tuned!

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