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Top 50 FIFA 17 Player Ratings Countdown Gets to 31, DI MARÍA, SÁNCHEZ and More

The Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings has reached 31 after counting down from 50, going through the best players available to use in the game. All 20 players that have been reached are also provided with their cards from FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, while the ratings are based on their performance in the last year.

FIFA 17 is supposed to be a celebration of some of the best teams in European football, and this list of the Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings is undoubtedly intended to celebrate the best players of those teams. In the case of these 20 different rankings, Paris Saint-Germain player Blaise Matuidi takes the number 50 spot, while Hugo Lloris of the Tottenham Hotspurs is currently in spot 31.

All of these players being in the FIFA 17 ultimate team part of the game will allow you to make your dream team out of the best of the best, which you can use to play against other Ultimate Teams owned by other FIFA 17 players.

Considering that we’ve still got around three or four weeks before the game comes out, we’ll likely be able to see all of the other Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings before it releases, so you’ll know pretty much every player that’s the best in the game for their positions. This likely won’t guarantee victory, however, if you can’t use your players well.

Luckily, you can use any of the other FIFA 17 game modes to learn all the different things you can do with your players to become a good FIFA player.

FIFA 17 is going to be released in Europe on September 27, while it will be releasing in North America on September 29. In addition to its ultimate team mode, the game will feature both a career mode for players to run their own football club, and a story mode where you take control of Alex Hunter and become a top Premiere League player.