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No PS Plus Required To Play Battlefield 1 Open Beta

If you’re one of those Battlefield players that have been invited to the Battlefield 1 open beta, but don’t have Playstation Plus, you don’t need to worry. If you’ve been invited to the Battlefield 1 beta, EA has revealed that there’s no PS Plus required if you want to go into the game and take a look around.

The beta not requiring PS Plus is actually a fairly smart decision from EA; if you decide you like it you can buy a subscription from PS Plus, so not only does it help EA if someone buys the game because of the beta, it also helps Playstation, especially considering that they may have lost a few customers from the sudden increase in Playstation Plus fees in North America last week.

While there’s no PS Plus required to play the Battlefield 1 beta, the service is required if you want to actually buy the game and play its multiplayer, where the vast majority of the game can be found.

Battlefield 1’s story mode has hit a new low for EA and DICe, considering it’s only 6 missions without any sort of coherent narrative. Granted, World War 1 was a world war, and this is before the days of the Cold War where spies and special forces were really necessary.

The Battlefield 1 open beta will open on August 31 to September 8, giving players a lot of time to see how the game’s combat looks. The beta will take place in the Sinai Desert map, with troops from the British Army fighting the Ottoman Empire, with vehicles including everything from horses to planes to tanks to an armored train filled with guns.

If you’ve gotten an email about joining the open beta, it opens up on Wednesday of this week, and closes next Thursday.

If you’re an EA Insider member, you can also look forward to getting into the beta a few days early. And remember, there’s no PS Plus required if you’re not normally an online player.