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New Details About Rise Of The Tomb Raider VR Blood Ties Expansion, Lara’s Nightmare And More

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is just over a month away to drop for PlayStation 4. However, also to celebrate the 20th anniversary, Square Enix has announced 20 Year Celebration Edition for Rise Of The Tomb Raider for PS4. Now, senior designer Will Kerslake, has shared more details about Rise Of the Tomb Raider VR, its new expansion and more.

The 20 Year Celebration Edition for the game will not only bring the previously released DLC, but also a new expansion “Blood Ties” will be included with it, which is set in the Croft Manor, along with co-op in Endurance mode, and Lara’s Nightmare.

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However, on PlayStation 4 players will be able to enjoy the Croft Manor in PlayStation VR. Speaking with PlayStation Access, Kerslake revealed a lot more details about the Blood Ties Expansion and the experience of Rise Of The Tomb Raider VR.

Kerslake also gave some insight of the events that will force Lara to come back to Croft Manor and start exploring it. According to the designer, Lara’s uncle is trying to take the place away from her and now she has to prove that she is the rightful owner of the Manor.

He further said that in Lara’s Nightmare every monsters that she has encountered including the DLC, she will be able to fight all of those monsters in this mode. He also said that Lara’s Nightmare is a short session filled with action.

Also players will be able to play Blood Ties in virtual reality with PlayStation VR, and this is the first time players will be able to explore Croft Manor in forst person through Lara’s eyes.

He further revealed that Rise Of the Tomb Raider VR will have a comfort mode, in which players can stand up and walk in their living room space and explore the Croft Manor. He also said that players don’t necessarily need to walk around in to enjoy the VR experience, as players will be able to enjoy it with a controller.

In terms of story, Blood Ties will add almost an hour to the gameplay, However, according to Kerslake the Manor is filled with documents and past history about Lara. So basically players will be able to spend more time in the Croft manor.

According to Kerslake, there will be no combat in Blood Ties DLC, as the combat is being featured in Lara’s Nightmare.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is scheduled to release on October 1, 2016 for PlayStation 4.