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ReCore Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video, Check it Out

With the game around 3 weeks from release, UK based retailer GAME has released a ReCore Collector’s Edition unboxing video. The 5-minute long video showcases all the goodies available inside the collector’s edition which should be available to customers upon game launch.

The ReCore Collector’s Edition comes in a huge box, which is a bit surprising considering there are only four items in it. The box itself is a sight to behold as well with a really vibrant color scheme and artwork depicting some of the Corebots in the game’s world.

Inside the box, in a neat envelope packing is an exclusive Lithograph with art that features Joule, the game’s protagonist alongside her trusted K-9 Mack companion and some other Corebots she can acquire throughout the game.

Depending on where the ReCore Collector’s Edition is purchased from and how much they paid for it (GAME has two packages available), those who buy this premium package will also be getting a copy of the game.

While this copy will have the traditional Xbox One packaging, the Collector’s Edition has an amazing looking Metal Case inside which can also be used to store the game disc.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the whopping $180 price tag of the Collector’s Edition on Amazon is the premium statue that comes with the purchase. The statue is a 14-inch, hand painted and highly detailed version of both Joule and Mack standing on a rocky surface.

To round off the Collector’s Edition, the final item in the box is a Corebot Alphabet Decoder Dial. This decoder has symbols on it which correspond to the language and alphabets which the Corebots use in the game world. The dial on the decoder can be turned to reveal which symbol corresponds to which alphabet in English language to not only understand the text in the game but also to create some cool and funny messages in real life.

ReCore is scheduled for a release on 16th September on Xbox One. The game will also be playable on PC through the Xbox Play Anywhere program, however the game disc available in this Collector’s Edition will only work on Xbox One and PC gamers will have to buy the game separately.