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Ark Survival Evolved The Center Map Bringing New Content To Edge Of The World

Studio Wildcard are bringing more and more content to Ark Survival Evolved, and this time Studio Wildcard’s Ben Burkart, has revealed some more details about Ark Survival Evolved The Center map, which is the most popular map of the game.

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Burkart has been twitch streaming himself while working on the Ark Survival Evolved The Center map, and revealed some new additions to the Edge of the World, along with more optimizations that are coming to the console version of the game.

The Edge Of The World is an area within Ark Survival Evolved The Center map, which features steep cliff drop-off past the Green Obelisk, North and South mountains, as well as the bridge to the Redwood Island.

According to Burkart, he is using the Edge Of The World as an opportunity to make a new playable space for the players. During the stream the designer dug into the side of the cliffs to create a vast cavern with a river, and also features a plenty of space for building. While it will be dark in the cavern, the designer scattered massive crystals around in the walls to serve as a light source and also as decorations.

Ark Survival Evolved The Center map

The cavern will also feature an Ice Palace, which will be located in the very rear. The Ice Palace is a treat to look at also a river runs through it. According to the designer, the area will be the new location where Penguins will spawn.


Burkart also said that Ice Palace will be a cold place, and also making changes to the entire Edge Of The World area to encourage players to build. He told that large trees will give more wood upon harvesting and the temperature of the area is also increased so that players can survive.

This new Edge Of The World content will drop for the PC version with patch 246.0 which will be available on September 1, and the Xbox One players will see the content in mid-September.

Burkart also revealed the optimizations for the Xbox One version of Ark Survival Evolved, which will be included in patch 739 which will drop on September 1st. Also this will be the last optimization pass on Ark Survival Evolved The Center map, and Burkart also stated: “the map is about as optimized on level design/ art side as its going to get for quite some time”.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action adventure survival game for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Currently the game is in early access on Steam.