10 Real Life Video Game Deaths That Are Hard to Believe

We often hear stories of video game deaths, they are tragic, sad, and sometimes the act of violence rocks us to our core.

Self harm and actual murder is something we have seen over at years and today, our YouTube lead is discussing the top ten real life deaths caused by video games or the stupidity of the players themselves.

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The most shocking is the death of an infant whose mother was too busy playing World of Warcraft. Yes, the mother played the game for nearly 20 hours, forgetting to feed her baby. The child died of hunger while she was role playing online.

Another incident occurred when a player killed himself after being addicted to Everquest. An in-game relationship went sour and he just couldn’t handle it.

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One of the earliest video games, Berserk, gave an 18 year old a heart attack after he achieved many high scores and played the game for a prolonged period of time.

Pokemon Go is all the rage these days and so far it has caused many accidents. Its developer Niantic worked on a different game in the past and did you know it actually got someone killed? Check out the video above to know more.